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1. Q: What does www.GOODSGARDEN do?
A:We are a world leading seller group of in-game currency for massively multiplayer online games (MMOPG), such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Final Fantasy and Guide War. We are devoted to serve the need of the MMOPG community and enhance the online gaming experience. We are here to enable the online gamers better enjoy more challenging adventures in the games..
2. Q : How is delivery accomplished?
A :After you complete the order process and have sent payment, the order appears in our delivery queue in the order in which it was received. Our delivery team will then log into the appropriate game and send the gold face-to-face or via wow mail system.
3. Q : How to protect from imposters?
A :It is always safer to deal with a well known trader and seller. However, due to the recent flood of MSN spoofing (faking MSN numbers to make you believe it's someone else you are talking to) done by scammers the following procedures are now implemented at WOW Gold,WOW Powerleveling,EQ2-www.GOODSGARDEN for all trades and purchases to protect our customers from being scammed.
1) When purchasing products make sure you are always make your payment ONLY to
on our website. Check the spelling! Some scammers use minor variations in spelling to fool you! If someone asks you to send a payment to another address for ANY reason,it's not us!
2) When dealing with WOW Gold,WOW Powerleveling,EQ2-www.GOODSGARDEN staff over MSN, IF YOU ARE HANDING ANYTHING OVER FIRST before getting something when trading, send an email to with a password for him to repeat to you in a game if you are unsure!
When you follow the above procedures, your trade or purchase from WOW Gold,WOW Powerleveling,EQ2-www.GOODSGARDEN will always be 100% safe!
4. Q:Why do you sometimes need to call me when I've made an order?
A:(1) There may have been an error on your order, a mis-spelt character name or complications with payment.
(2)If you have been unavailable to receive your order, we may call you to ask you to collect your order ingame, if remote delivery is not available.
(3) For largers orders, we must confirm your identity and legitimate possesion of the card or Paypal account you are using to pay. This serves to decrease fraud and deter scammers,
something which benefits all our customers and MMORPG players.
(4) If you are worried about an order or have not managed to resolve an issue via e-mail,we may call you to assure you and help resolve any problems you are having
5. Q : How long does it take for my payment at www.paypal.com to be processed?
A :1.Instant payment can be processed as soon as you submit the payment. 2.E-check payment processing takes up to a 4 business day wait until the funds have cleared.
6. What time are you likely to call me regarding an order?
We are aware of vast time differences between certain countries, and so we will strive to call you 30 minutes to 1 hour after your order is made to ensure you are available and that we don’t wake you up!
7. Q :Are there discounts for larger orders?
A :The good news is YES. This will be based on a case by case basis. Please contact us via email or instant messengers. Usually we accept money order and wire transfer as the payment method for the bulk sale.
8. Q:Why does the price of currency change all the time?
A:Our prices are set according to our stock levels and are edged to remain competitive with other sites. Additionally, our prices rise and fall to match the supply and demand of each game and server.
9. Q: Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
A: Yes. We guarantee that any purchase you make on the GOODSGARDEN website will be 100% safe. Every purchase is done over our secured servers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL's browser, so that only GOODSGARDEN can read a buyer's personal information. Shopping online at GOODSGARDEN is statistically safer than using your credit card at a restaurant or department store. Technical experts point out that online purchases without human intervention are far safer than traditional credit card transactions because the information is immediately encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by an authorized computer.
10. Q:Is this business safe or legal?
A:GOODSGARDEN has conducted business for over 2 years, and served hundreds of thousands of customers. We conduct thousands of transactions per day, and we are adding new games to our roster every month. The stock we have available has been purchased legitimately from game players the world over who chose to sell their excess.
11. Q: Do you match prices from other stores?
A: We currently do not offer price match
12. Any more speical questions ?
Please feel free to contact with the Livechat .
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