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Star Wars (The Old Republic) US

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Follower of the Star Wars saga ? GoodsGarden allows you to buy Swtor credits for your Mmorpg with a few clicks. We offer you the best delivery deadlines so you can benefit from our services as fast as possible. Enjoy the richness of Star Wars (the Old Republic) with GoodsGarden.

Why choose us :

- No exchange in-game with a character called "bjbjbjbfd." Deliveries are made by Us deliverers to increase the security of your account.

- Deliveries in-game are made in discreet and unfrequented locations.

- Customer service, assistance in Us to answer to all your questions about buying Swtor credits.
- We guarantee greater security for your account. So you can buy credits in complete peace of mind no matter what is the quantity ordered.
- Our Swtor credits are obtained legally by French players wishing to sell their currencies.

Our Swtor credits :

Our experience with the largest MMORPG makes us reliable suppliers to ensure prompt deliveries at the best prices. The current average time for the delivery of Star Wars credits is 12 hours. In some rare cases where we are out of stock you will need to wait up to 48 hours.

Buy credits for Star Wars (the Old Republic) quickly, with a few clicks, by following the instructions in our form below. All prices include discounts / special offers at the checkout.

At GoodsGarden, the price at the time of payment will be deducted with a discount based on the amount of your Swtor Credits order. Discounts are available on our home page or in the FAQ page.

Our deliveries:

We will provide you your Star Wars Credit by face to face or mail.

In case our deliverer wishes to contact you in-game while you are away, we will send you a text message or directly call you, to ask you to connect to complete the transaction. If you are unavailable to connect, we will agree on a time-slot and arrange another appointment.

Begeren Colony - Empire Begeren Colony - Republic
Jedi Covenant - Empire Jedi Covenant - Republic Jung Ma - Empire Jung Ma - Republic
Prophecy of the Five - Empire Prophecy of the Five - Republic
Star Forge - Empire star forge repblic
The Bastion - Empire The Bastion - Republic The Ebon Hawk - Empire The Ebon Hawk - Republic
The Harbinger - Empire The Harbinger - Republic The Shadowlands - Empire The Shadowlands - Republic
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