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With many years of experience in the sale of virtual currency, we are commended by our customers to provide the best services for various MMORPG. We ensure protection of their data, guaranteed delivery, and high quality services regardless of their purchase. We have a secure web server to put in shelters all your personal data and technical and organizational means to be protected from fraudulent attempts

Selling Kinah :

Buy cheap Aion Kinah to facilitate the development of your character in the world of Altreia.
With hundreds of completed orders for Aion Kinah, our delivery methods are safe and confidential.
Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we always have in stock Aion Gold to satisfy you as soon as possible.

Fast and secure delivery :

Our deliveries are the fastest on the market, with an average time estimated on the latest sales of 4 hours.

In the case where the supplying turns out difficult due to high demand on your server, the maximum time to deliver your Aion Kinah is 48 hours.

Shipping is done by in-game mail, a delivery method that we approve since it does not require you to be online and contain currently no risk for your account.

We are mindful of our customers' needs, we invite you to contact our online support if you have any question, suggestion on Aion Kinah. Our online support assists you in English or French.

Order :

Use the order form below, you can choose the desired amount of Kinah Aion and tell us the name of your character.

In case you wish to cancel your order due to an error or for any other reasons, you must send us your order number by e-mail. GoodsGarden will reimburse all customers within 48 hours.

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